Session #1   --   Worship and Praise
Session #2   --   Knowing God and Praise
Session #3   --   Praise Enhances Faith
Session #4   --   Clothed in Glory
Session #5   --   Six Victorious Kings
Session #6   --   Release of God's Power
Session #7   --   Songs of Praise
Session #8   --   Joy of the Lord
Session #9   --   Being Transformed
Session #10 --   Preparation for Eternity

Dr. Judy has a widely held reputation as the teacher who grows others in their personal apprehension of this wonderful God we serve. Her studies include an earned Masters in Bible & Theology from Simpson University and an earned Ph.D. in Theology from Walden University, both regionally accredited universities where she graduated with honors. Judy has led multiple tours to the biblical lands, published numerous books and taught at the university level here and around the world. Her giftings include administration as well as teaching. Although her academics are superlative, Judy has the gift and anointing to make the Bible and knowledge of the Lord intimately personal and engaging for each student. Currently, Dr. Judy is president of Reyah Bible College and a licensed minister with the Assemblies of God.

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